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Voluntary bankruptcy Navi in Japan
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point FAQ and trivia concerning debt

-Problem in home

1,Is the family secretly good at the voluntary bankruptcy?

2,Should I subrogate the debt of the person who has kin?

3,After it divorces, is it unrelated though became husband's guarantor?

4,The husband died. Only the succession of the debt : that it is. Is it necessary to pay?

5,Must Parents pay the debt that the child did.

-Problem in social column

1,Does the voluntary bankruptcy come to light to the company in the office?

2,When the voluntary bankruptcy is done, is it necessary to resign the company?

3,Is the salary attached by the voluntary bankruptcy?

4,How is the retirement allowance treated at the voluntary bankruptcy?

5,When the voluntary bankruptcy is done, is finding employment limited?

6,The debt collector comes to the office. What shall we do?

-Problem with guarantor

1,How does the guarantor become after the voluntary bankruptcy?

2,The friend pretended my position without permission and money was borrowed. Is it necessary to pay?

3,It has stood surety against the cheat. Is it necessary to pay?

4,After it repays it as a guarantor, can money be returned to an original debtor?

5,It is not possible to pay though it stands surety. What shall we do?


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