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Voluntary bankruptcy Navi is a site which informs about voluntary bankruptcy and the adjustment of debts, etc... in Japan.

Let's acquire correct knowledge, and confront the situation that controls the life by one's best.

What is Voluntary bankruptcy in Japan
Voluntary bankruptcy
pointWhat is Voluntary bankruptcy?

What is the voluntary bankruptcy?

Is it scary? Is it painful? Is it delicious?
Such a doubt is solved.

Adjustment of debts

pointOther methods?

The method is not only a voluntary bankruptcy.

There is many kinds in the adjustment of debts.
For the person who wants to learn such an adjustment of debts.


What's new sousyoku

[Voluntary bankruptcy navi.] opened.


Establishment policy

Money easily drives person's life mad.

Of course, the dream and the ideal are important.

However, It is very weak and fragile to chase the dream on an uncertain base.

Do not have the ideal no chase of the dream.
I don't want to say such a thing for foreigner.
However, it becomes blind in chasing only the dream and the ideal.

It is not possible to escape from the thing that it is a socially vulnerable by the knowledge's that can be used when really weakening there at all.

The dream and the ideal collapse easily, too. It is not possible to keep seeking.

Let's acquire knowledge that knows the structure because of such a society and is tidy.

I want to assist in the foreigner in Japan who chases the dream.

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