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Voluntary bankruptcy Navi in Japan
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point Yhe Method of Voluntary bankruptcy in Japan

-Before the procedure of the voluntary bankruptcy

1,Requirement to receive voluntary bankruptcy

2,Notes when voluntary bankruptcy is stated

3,Treatment of the collection from the creditor.

4,Simultaneous abolition event and receiver event

5,Immunity from bankruptcy adjudication

6,Disadvantage by voluntary bankruptcy

7,About the immunity

-Procedure of voluntary bankruptcy

1,In case of a simultaneous abolition event

2,In case of the bankruptcy Zaicdahit event

-Concrete procedure method of voluntary bankruptcy

1,Confirmation whether to fill requirement

2,To no immunity permission reason, the investigation whether doing

3,Procedure for suiting scene

-When you maintain the property to some degree
-Concerning other anxieties

4,Treatment of collection from debtor

5,Making of voluntary bankruptcy statement book

6,Collection of required documentation appended to statement book

7,Statement of voluntary bankruptcy

8,From Shinhiro of the bankruptcy to the decision

9, Shinhiro of immunity

10, All processes from the decision of the immunity to fixation


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