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Voluntary bankruptcy Navi in Japan
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pointAbout this Page


point About Voluntary bankruptcy Navi

-Person cornered so that it is necessary to do voluntary bankruptcy.

-Person who has thought whether I will borrow money even a little.

-Person who wants to have knowledge various as part of risk management.


For such people.

It is a purpose of this HP to tell what kind of system for the Japan to offer us and to exist plainly.

News that hearing due to the trouble of money is painful flits still in Japan.

Please obtain the knowledge more.

Knowledge becomes the armor and arms.

About Pages sousyoku

Top page of voluntary bankruptcy navi.

What is the voluntary bankruptcy?
Let's know in the future first of all.

-How to do in Japan

What is necessary for the voluntary bankruptcy actually?
What knowledge and should I follow a procedure?It explains concretely.

-Adjustment of debts

The solution exists besides the voluntary bankruptcy.
It introduces the method and the content of such a procedure.

-Related glossary

It gently explains the big word related to the voluntary bankruptcy and finance.

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